IMF Protest

British and Argentinian citizens united in London to protest against the International Monetary Fund’s visit to Argentina, on Monday 19 th September to perform a noisy protest outside the Embassy of Argentina.


The action was arranged to coincide with the first day of the IMF’s visit to Buenos Aires and marks the Fund’s first intervention in the country since having the debt to it paid off in 2006 by the Nestor Kirchner administration. Placards held by the protestors read “No more external debt!”, “IMF out of Argentina and Latin America!” “Austerity is not a necessity!” and “Economic sovereignty now!”

Days earlier the Argentinian government hosted the Business and Investment Forum in Buenos Aires. Its adjustment programme has already seen nearly 200,000 people lose their jobs 2 , the Tarifazo imposed, which seeks to increase energy bills by up to six times, the US vulture funds which extorted the country have been paid 1,270% profit 3 and a currency devaluation which has contributed to the cost of living increasing by 54%. Export tariffs have also been lifted on many basic foodstuffs so as to promote ‘free trade’ and poverty has increased by 1.4 million in the first few months of the Macri government alone.

The protest was called by the Argentina Solidarity Campaign, a self-organised UK-based group that supports those in Argentina who are suffering at the hands of a neoliberal and extractivist project by the current government and which shows solidarity with the civil society groups and social movements that resist it. The action was supported by British NGOs Jubilee Debt Campaign and Global Justice Now as well as by Argentinos Para La Victoria Londres.


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