From Kirchnerismo To Macrismo: Analysing the social and economic changes

In Argentina under the Kirchners the economy grew at unprecedented rates, international debt was reduced, the government invested in infrastructure and education, inequality and poverty were reduced and the country became part of a progressive alliance of South American nations determined to forge their own future, showing there was space for policy decisions that were not dictated by neo-liberalism. And yet in 2015 half of the electorate voted for ‘Change’, and brought in the first right-wing government to reach the presidential palace without a coup – what change did people want? And what have they made of the changes brought in by nine months of Macri’s government? This panel discusses what was gained and what was lost under the Kirchners and what their legacy is in the current return to debt, market economics and a state of emergency.

On 26th November 2016 ASC participated in the Latin America Adelante conference and held a joint panel with our friends at the Latin American Bureau.

pic Latin America Adelante.jpg

Chair: Nick Caistor (LAB).

Speakers: Dan Ozarow (ASC), Jose Zavala (ASC) and Marcela López Levy (LAB)

You can hear to the podcast here.


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