Celebrating the resistance in Argentina

On Friday 8th July 2016, at the Calder Bookshop & Theater, Argentina Solidarity Campaign staged its launch event “Celebrating the Resistance in Argentina – A night of documentaries and debate”.


Symbolically held on the eve of Argentina’s Independence Day, the celebration of recent resistances against neoliberalism and extractivism was conveyed through film and documentaries of the social struggles and protests that have been organised by a multitude of sectors of Argentinian society. This included the university student protests against funding cuts, indigenous peoples’ defence of their natural habitats and the environment against Monsanto and other multinationals, The CTA union’s strike against public sector redundancies and pay cuts under Mauricio Macri’s presidency, Argentina’s battle against the vulture funds and its illegitimate debt, protests against the arrest of Milagro Sala, leader of the Tupac Amaru neighborhood association and more.


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