Ni Una Menos

Ni Una Menos: Social Protest against Gender Violence in Argentina and Beyond

On Tuesday, November 29th 2016 we co-hosted a round table discussion with the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London at Senate House.

Podcast available here:



Following the brutal rape and murder of Argentine teenager Lucía Pérez, thousands of women in Argentina organised a strike and protest march against gender violence and inequality on Wednesday the 19th of October 2016. The women united under the banner of ‘Ni Una Menos’ (Not One Woman Less), a social movement which organised its first protest in 2015. Nonetheless, the October protests (referred to as Miercoles Negro – Black Wednesday) were the largest to date, sparked international media interest, and generated solidarity events throughout the world. This round-table discussion brought together academics and activists to discuss the origins, importance and future of this massive protest movement.


Panel Members:

Chair: Dr Grace Livingstone (ILAS). Academic and journalist. Contributor to The Guardian, The Independent, and the BBC World Service. 

Dr Sarah Bradshaw (Middlesex University). Associate Professor in Geography & Environmental Management. Researches and publishes on gender issues in Central America and has worked on women’s rights for Progressio UK, Nicaraguan feminist NGO Puntos de Encuentro, and Plan International.

Dr Marcela Lopez-Levy, Trustee of Latin America Bureau, independent researcher and writer. Currently focussed on forms of social and cultural translation. Previously researched how social policy is created and communicated in Argentina.

Dr Constanza Tabbush (CONICET; Instituto Interdisciplinario de Estudios de Genero, Universidad de Buenos Aires). Academic and activist. Researches feminism and gender in Argentina. Co-author of ‘#NiUnaMenos: Not One Woman Less, Not One More Death!’ (2016).

Martina Rodriguez (Birkbeck). Student, Argentina Solidarity Campaign activist and organiser (Ni Una Menos London Vigil). Author of ‘What Women in Argentina are Fighting For’ (2016).

Lucy McMahon (ILAS) Lecturer in Human Rights. Researches protests, social movements, and women’s rights organisations, particularly in Brazil.


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