Statement on the liberation of Eva Analía de Jesús aka “Higui”

Who is Higui and why her case represents a victory for women’s rights?

We have concluded that protest and social mobilisation is effective, in this case, the persistence of family and friends as well as Ni Una Menos and other feminist movements has freed a woman who was unjustly imprisoned.

Eva Analía de Jesús, aka Higui, is a 43-year-old lesbian who comes from a very poor neighbourhood in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. She had been arrested since October 2016 after a ten-man gang tried to rape her for being a lesbian. She defended herself with a knife and killed one of the attackers. She arrived at the prison disfigured and with signs of abuse, but nobody listened to her. None of the aggressors were ever prosecuted and there were countless examples of irregularities in the case. She was a victim of police and state negligence because she was a woman, poor and a lesbian.

But the insistence of LGBTQ groups and feminist organisations has achieved the impossible: Higui was released yesterday (12/06/17). We praise the social protest that supported her.

From the other side of the world here in the United Kingdom, the Ni Una Menos section of the Argentina Solidarity Campaign is extremely pleased and proud of such an achievement. This deserves to be celebrated because it was thanks to those women in Argentina who had fought tirelessly for her freedom and who put the issue on the public agenda. It was these efforts that got Higui free. This shows that political participation matters, that feminism is needed, that we are united and organised and that we won’t allow any one of us to fight alone. We have each other when the State is absent. This is what the feminist resistance is for.

¡Viva Higui!


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