Return Santiago Maldonado Alive/Return Argentina’s Independence

On 14 August, we held a protest outside General José de San Martín’s former London home, to demand the immediate appearance of Santiago Maldonado, a young man who was the victim of forced disappearance by the National Gendarmerie while he was supporting the Pu Lof Mapuche Community in Cushamen. We also made other demands:

· No to the International Monetary Fund’s return to monitor the nation’s fiscal and monetary policy! Economic sovereignty for Argentina!
· No to the sell out and exorbitant US $15 billion payment to North American vulture funds that were holding Argentina to ransom and provoked a “technical default of their economy
· End the brutal police repression of the The Mapuche People in places like Lof Cushamen in Patagonia in order to support foreign corporations like Benetton which brought up their ancestral lands.

Our protest made national news in Argentina:


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