Global Day of Action for Santiago Maldonado

On 1 September, one month after his forced disappearance following a violent raid by the National Gendarmerie on ancestral lands claimed by the Mapuche People in Pu Lof, Chubut,  we joined the global day of action outside the Calder bookshop theatre and demanded the immediate reappearance alive of Santiago Maldonado.

The United Nations, Amnesty International & Interamerican Human Rights Commission also called on Argentina’s government to find him.

Our protest received extensive media coverage in the regional and national press in Argentina, including two of the biggest newspapers, La Nación and Pagina 12, as well important social movement media like La Izquierda Diario.

Simultaneously there was a huge march in Buenos Aires and similar protests to ours in Spain, Brazil, France, Uruguay, Chile, México, Austria and the United States. The BBC and global media also covered the worldwide protests.

ASC received many messages of support including a message of thanks from Santiago’s family. Please spread the word and help us campaign from the UK for him to be returned alive.

1 September Santiago



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