The Disappearance of ARA San Juan S42

ASC Communiqué in relation to the disappearance of the ARA San Juan S42 submarine & its 44 Crewmembers.

Argentina Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom expresses our solidarity with the relatives of the 44 crewmembers of the ARA San Juan S42 submarine which has been missing since the 15th November during these painful times that they are going through. We are concerned about the manipulation of this tragedy, in particular the perverse behaviour of the authorities who failed to provide the relatives immediate information about the explosion on the vessel and who were instead made to wait for a week without knowing the truth about what had happened to their loved ones. For these reasons we demand that the Argentinian government immediately clarify the truth about these events and at the same time establish who is responsible within the chain of command.


Declaración del ASC por la desaparición del submarino ARA San Juan S42 y sus 44 tripulantes.

ASC en el Reino Unido expresa nuestra solidaridad con los momentos de dolor que atraviesan los familiares de los 44 tripulantes del submarino ARA SAN JUAN S42, desaparecido desde el 15 de noviembre. Es nuestra preocupación la manipulación de la tragedia en particular la perversidad de las autoridades de no dar a conocer inmediatamente la información referida a la explosión de la nave a los familiares que tuvieron una semana sin poder conocer la verdad sobre sus seres queridos. Por ello, exigimos al gobierno Argentino la clarificación inmediata y la verdad sobre estos hechos, estableciendo asimismo los responsables involucrados a lo largo de la cadena de mando.


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