Human Rights in Argentina and Chile, Then and Now

To mark Argentina’s annual Memory, Truth and Justice Day (on 24 March 1976, Argentina's military dictatorship began) the Argentina Solidarity Campaign, the Institute of Latin American Studies, and the Argentina Research Network will host a range of speakers reflecting on the human rights abuses, mass torture and Disappearances committed by the military dictatorships of the... Continue Reading →

Pedro Biscay (Director BCRA) in London

Dr. Pedro Biscay visited London in February and we co-organized two events to listen and discuss with him. Q&A with Pedro Biscay Please join us this SUNDAY, 19th February from 7pm for an exclusive meeting for ASC supporters with Dr Pedro Biscay, Director of the Central Bank of the Argentinian Republic (BCRA). We are delighted... Continue Reading →

Argentina 2016: Documentary

"Argentina 2016" - our documentary film about the political and economic situation in Argentina, and the resistance against the Cambiemos government and the devastating impact of its neoliberal agenda. Featuring interviews with citizens and activists, footage from recent protests and analysis from ASC participants.

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